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Get the hardwood floors you’ve always wanted

Sometimes, you get to finally choose the flooring of your dreams, and for many, that is hardwood flooring. It carries a breathtaking appearance while also outperforming many rivals concerning durability and lifespan. If you think it's a fit for you, you're right.

While there are some spaces this material doesn't make sense for installation, there are others where it fits perfectly and will last "forever." So, if you’re still not sure about the decision, read on to find out more about this amazing all-natural floor covering.

Hardwood facts you need to know

The most important fact to know about hardwood floors is that they are simply not a fit for basements or any below-grade spaces. If you have spaces that fit that description, and they need flooring, you can maintain the look of wood flooring with engineered materials.

It’s almost important to remember that hardwood flooring must be acclimated before installation. This step should never be rushed or eliminated so plan it into your experience. It creates a foundation on which all other benefits will rest. You can always give us a call with any questions.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Jefferson County, NE from Jim's Carpet & Supplies
Hardwood flooring offers excellent opportunities for personalization through species, stain color, and finish selections. Each of these serves a double service by also contributing to the longevity of the materials as well as the appearance.

Wood floors can also be refinished, sometimes several times, before needing to be replaced. This strips away all of the wear and abuse and reveals a brand-new layer of wood. From there, you can add a completely different stain color and finish to go with a brand-new look, or you can go back to the tried and true.

No matter what options you choose, make sure you take advantage of professional installation for your wood floors.

A perfect showroom for the perfect hardwood flooring

When you’re ready to decide on hardwood flooring, we invite you to visit Jim's Carpet & Supplies at our Beatrice, NE showroom. From there, we proudly serve the areas of Gage County, Saline County, JeffersonCounty, Johnson County, and Lancaster County.

If you’re in any of those areas, we invite you to stop in and take a look at the materials we offer. You’re sure to find the one that fits your every need, and we back them up with services and installation that completes your project of any size. Visit us whenever you’re in the area.