Natural or synthetic carpet flooring and how it influences your choice

Natural or synthetic carpet flooring and how it influences your choice

As you shop for your upcoming remodel, there's much to know about carpeting fibers. Some are natural, and some are synthetic, and one will likely serve you best.

Before starting your flooring shopping, you'll want to know more about these materials. Here are some facts that could influence your flooring choice.

What to know about natural carpet fibers

Natural fibers are made of raw, organic materials, of which wool is a great example. In addition, the fibers are often hypoallergenic and offer some gorgeous colors.

You'll see that natural materials offer extensive lifespans if well cared for. So choose your floor covering for plenty of other benefits as well.

What about synthetic carpet fibers

Synthetic fibers are the most common, especially nylon choices. They offer extensive options in visuals, durability, and lifespan for results.

These floors are often sought-after for their built-in stain protection when offered. And they can last up to 20 years with the suitable options chosen.

Which is suitable for your needs?

Consider synthetic fibers if you need outstanding protection from daily wear and traffic. But natural fibers are the best if beauty and exceptional quality are the most essential.

You'll quickly find all the choices you need as you share your carpeting needs with our flooring specialists. We'll take care of putting everything together and installation, so stop by to speak with us.

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