Three things about carpet flooring textures

Three things about carpet flooring textures

There are four things you should know about textures in carpeting. You should also know that "texture" is often used interchangeably with style and construction. So be sure to dig deeper when you hear any of those words.

A textured carpet can be made from the cut pile or looped carpet. The texture is determined by the way the yarn is treated.

The yarns can be twisted or have varying thicknesses or heights; they can even be a combination of cut-pile and looped constructions.

Some are more durable than others

A looped floor covering, such as Berbers or level loops, is some of the most durable. Tight loops also keep spills from absorbing. Both rugs are incredible in high-traffic areas

Some textured cut-piles, frieze carpets, or cut & loops are also suitable for any level of foot traffic. In addition, they make incredible rugs ideal for any foot traffic level.

About the plush texture

This has short, densely packed fibers that go in one direction. The Saxony Straight is a plush.

These rugs are soft, luxurious, and, because of the direction of the yarns, show vacuum marks, footprints, and other marks. Plush carpeting is best for low-traffic rooms, like the bedroom.

Some are easier to keep clean than others

Low pile rugs are more durable and easier to keep clean. This is why you often see them in busy offices. High pile rugs, like the shag, have a soft texture, but they require more TLC in cleaning.

Berbers and level loops are also easy to keep clean. As a result, they're often recommended for homes with pet residents.

Be sure to tell the professionals in the carpet store where and how you plan to use the rug. We will guide you to the right texture.

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